Get Real

"Certificate in Family Business Communication
& Conflict Management"

~ Designed specifically for you, your family & your business ~

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  • Define what conflict means to you
  • Recognize your conflict mindset
  • Understand the emotional climate
  • Take control of your conflict response
  • Learn how to set boundaries and be assertive
  • Appreciate anger and its phases
  • Apply emotional intelligence to keep calm
  • How to defuse and walk away from conflict
  • How to have a "good" fight

  • Recognize the conflict signposts
  • Identify types and styles of conflict
  • Analyze and interpret conflict styles
  • Consider how different styles interact
  • Manage power and control dynamics
  • Practice the skills needed for difficult conversations
  • Learn different conflict resolution processes

  • Understand the family business system
  • Identify roles & responsibilities
  • Appreciate the family system
  • Recognize system dynamics
  • Learn the myths about dealing with conflict
  • Identify the best approach
  • Practice navigating the conversation
  • Family system governance

  • Navigate the business system
  • Recognize your business identity
  • Identify your leadership personality
  • Get real with authentic leadership
  • Key leadership skills for managing conflict
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • Management vs ownership succession
  • What's wrong with nepotism anyway?
  • The coach-approach to intergenerational leadership
  • Learn and practice business negotiation
  • Business system governance

  • Understand the ownership system
  • Recognize classic ownership conflicts
  • Psychological ownership of non-family employees
  • Ownership system governance
  • Negotiating ownership structures (pre-nuptuals, shareholders agreements, buy-sell agreements)
  • Cultivate stewardship in the next generation
  • Proactive succession planning
  • Aligning goals and objectives
  • Succession of values
  • Leaving your legacy - renewal vs retirement

Get Real