Family Business Retreats


"The grass is never greener on the other side. It's greener where you water it."
~ David Irvine

As a family in business together, it is common that frustrations build up and small disagreements turn into family feuds. All too often, there are important topics that are simply not talked about, but desperately need to be.

A Family Business Retreat is an opportunity:

  • To come together at a neutral location away from your home and office
  • To have facilitated family meetings about personal and business issues
  • To put all concerns on the table (even the pink elephants)
  • To (re)connect as a family and have some fun

Participants: All generations of active and inactive members in the business, family only.

Process: Pre-meetings with each participant, completion of worksheets prior to the retreat, 1 or 2 days facilitated meetings. Follow-up calls 2-6 weeks post-retreat.

How it works: You and your family share what you have in mind and I take care of the rest:

  • Accommodation and facility options for your desired location
  • Meeting planning, preparation, coordination, and facilitation
  • Building a custom curriculum (possibly with specialized speakers)
  • A list of surrounding activities
  • Daycare services for the little ones (if available at chosen location)

Nexus Facilitation & Coaching is connected to a variety of business and wellness professionals who can custom tailor your retreat for both business and pleasure.

A family that plays together, stays together.

Nexus Facilitation

Niki Kux-Kardos
Family Business Coach